Beginner Stunts For Aerobatic Enthusiasts


Beginner Stunts For Aerobatic Enthusiasts
Beginner Stunts For Aerobatic Enthusiasts

Flying RC airplanes is a popular activity. Though they are rather complex to understand for those who are not familiar with the terminology and features of the plane, they are also known to be perfect for thrillseekers. If you are a beginner to flying an aircraft like as an RC, there are many challenges that you much first overcome, such as mastering the controls as well as being confident and trusting your skills. After mastering your controls and gaining enough confidence to fly your RC airplane correctly and without any errors, the things that you can attempt are endless. One of the first things that are possible once you are confident include stunts that are easy for beginners as well as those who are first-timers.

Flying on an RC airplane as well as performing aerial stunts are known to generate an exhilarating feeling as well as confidence in your own skills. Stunts when flying is a major part of gaining more experience as well as furthering your own skills. However, it is essential that when you are attempting tricks and aerial maneuvers that they are well between your skill level. This ensures that you progress steadily and do not cause unnecessary injuries as well as stress.

The Inside Loop

Considered to be the easiest of all stunts that you may complete in an RC, the inside loop is basically a “loop-the-loop.” Although it may be one of the easiest maneuvers, only RCs with elevators and sufficient power in their engines are capable of doing it.

  • The stunt is completed through maintaining a specific pace and gradually turning the stick back to let the plane climb.
  • Continue allowing the airplane to climb until it is vertical and until it rolls onto its back.
  • Your rudders must be kept in check as some aircraft have a tendency to try to roll out of their loop.

The Roll

The roll is simple but requires ailerons to complete the maneuver. However, if your craft only has a rudder, you will still be able to execute it, but it will be messy.

  • Similar to the inside loop, fly straight and level on half throttle.
  • To begin the roll, you must first engage a small part of the elevator on one wing of the plane and then follow it a split second later with the right or left aileron.
  • Full power is not necessary for this stunt. However, the stick must be kept in the same position.
  • When the plane is carrying through the loop, ensure to take off some elevator to keep the roll tidy. Once the flight inverts ensure that you add a little bit of down elevator to make sure you don’t lose any altitude.

The Stall Turn

Also known as the hammerhead turn, is a stunt that uses the rudder and is a simple maneuver to execute.

  • The stall is done by performing a vertical climb and reducing the speed at the top of the turn to rapidly stop the rise while pushing on the rudder to complete a 180 degree turning back to the starting position in the opposite direction.
  • An important tip when doing the stall turn is to engage full throttle when completing the 180-degree turn.