Best Places for Parachuting


Jumping from a plane, thousands of feet away from the ground is probably the craziest thing you can do in your life. Opening your eyes and seeing the world as a tiny miniature model can give the creeps even to the bravest man alive. Realising there’s no turning back makes your heart bump like crazy as if it is going to explode, and the insane thing is, it’s an amazing feeling.

From Everest in Nepal to Switzerland, here are the best places for parachuting. They are worthy of a mention in almost every list due to the stunning views and how fast they will make your heart go. Here you’ll find something for every taste, glaciers, islands, deserts and even volcanoes! Leave fear on the ground and get on this plane with us!

Taupo, New Zealand

In New Zealand’s region Taupo you can enjoy parachuting with all the green valleys and stunning views, you can also practice every kind of sport adventures like kayak, bungee jumping, and everything you need if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Without a doubt, New Zealand is the place for you if you’re into excitement and nature.

Swiss Alps Glaciers

Probably the best place on the Alps to take the chance to do this kind of extreme sports tourism is Interlaken, where you’ll find a good number of agencies dedicated to this adventurous sport. They’ll probably convince you to have a unique experience by jumping from a plane or a helicopter to fly over the glaciers gazing the shape of the Alps under your belly.

Kamchatka, Russia

What if we told you to jump from a plane right into the interior of a volcano? Well, if you happen to be on the neighbourhood, this Russian mountainous area has some rising snowy mountains and one of those holds a volcano on its inside with magma roaring like a heartbeat, intense, to say the least.

Everest, Nepal

This jump isn’t your average jump, it’s the highest place on Earth, and maybe, the 35,000 US$ it costs, will keep most jumpers away as well.

But, if you feel like doing this once in a lifetime jump, you can always book with agencies like Everest Skydive to jump your troubles away!

As an interesting tip, back in 2008, a group of 44 people got ready and made the jump of their lives by being the first group of parachuters to do parachuting above Everest, from over 9,000 meters high, and safely fall admiring the beauty of the highest mountain on Earth.

Parachuting on the Coral Reef, Australia

There are plenty of places on Australia and New Zealand to go parachuting, but if you want to feast your eyes on the immensity of the coral reef and its crystal waters, you might want to book on agencies located in Queensland, Cairns or Mission Beach.

Now, some folks are more extreme than others, and then there are true daredevils willing to wreaks havoc and play jump rope with the status quo, like whoever had the terrific idea of jumping from a plane wearing a neoprene suit and a mask, so they could merge scuba diving and parachuting. So, you’ll be flying with seagulls on a moment and suddenly SPLASH! Fishes and sharks around you. Well, this practice can be quite dangerous, due to the effect of pressure and nitrogen in the blood, so be very careful.