Best Places to Try Hang Gliding


Hang Gliding is an air sport that is practised with a small and light non-motorized aircraft called hang glider. This is a device built on an aluminium alloy frame covered with a synthetic sailcloth in a triangular shape (a delta wing, named after the Greek uppercase letter delta (Δ) for the shape’s similarity) it is designed to plan and perform foot-launched flights without an engine.

It’s considered one of the most exciting air sports, maybe due to its poor safety record but, for those brave, adrenaline junkies that have tried it, it’s one of the most satisfying experiences, also, the increasing number of pilot training grounds and the inclusion of safety measures like parachutes, helmets and knives have increased the number of people trying out this sport.

So, now you have been bitten by the curiosity bug and want to know where you can lift flight with a hang glider? It’s easy, you can hire a pilot and do a tandem flight or, if you want to go for more it’s possible to take a training course and its also more affordable than you think. Keep reading and plan your next adventure, let’s take a little overflight on the best destinations for hang gliding.

Top destinations

Spain is one of the places on Earth blessed by the geography to practice this extreme sport. Beautiful landscapes, mountains with the correct height and powerful winds, everything you need to enjoy this kind of sport. In the Almeria region, you can find free flight stations on Berja, Dalias and Huecija-Bentarique; also in Cadiz on the heart of the Iberian Peninsula the conditions for practising this sport are optimal, beginning at the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema and reaching almost to the sea, it’s possible to book a flight there and to some of the main flight stations.

Kahului on Hawaii is a perfect destination for any adventure traveller, rugged cliffs, the Pacific Ocean at its best, tropical forest, this place has it all. In the US, there are several places to enjoy the freedom of riding the skies; other destinations to consider are La Jolla in California, Salt Lake City in Utah, Lookout Mountain in Tennessee and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where the pioneers Wright brothers’ experiments with the Flyer entered flight history.

Argentina also has good offers of flight stations, searching the web makes it easy to find pretty good deals for an extreme vacation. The main places that you’ll need to look for are: Tucuman, Cordoba, La Rioja, San Luis, Merlo and Carpinteria, these are places that offer the advantage of being well-known tourist destinations so you can enjoy other outdoor activities and the amenities of a tourist spot.

Brasil offers beautiful views and a perfect weather for air sports. In Brasilia the winds are good, there’s little rain and the architectural infrastructure is remarkable, other spots are on the shore, like Rio where it’s possible to enjoy (when not in the sky) a vibrant city, an outstanding glimpse of the Amazonian Rainforest, beautiful beaches and a colourful culture. It’s the most popular destination for air sports like hang gliding and paragliding in South America.

A must on the personal bucket list of any air sports lover!