Get Into the Amazing World of Air Based Sports


Air based sports or hobbies are all activities that involve air, being on it, for short or long periods of time, and if you feel attracted to the idea of being as free as a bird, let us enlighten your path and narrow your search for your new favourite air adventure.


Easy now, this air based activity does not involve models like the Victoria secret ones. Aeromodeling is the hobby of building up scale models of planes and other flying artifacts and flying them (manned or unmanned). The first registered aeromodelling event goes back to ancient Egypt and were paper made pigeons that could glide. But the first propelled model was the planophore, a model designed by french man Alphonse Pénaud on 1871.

Ever since then, aeromodelling has shaped aviation history, aircrafts being built after their scaled models that help development by going under hard and rigorous tests and standards that they have to comply with to be accepted. Nowadays, this activity is enjoyed by kids and grown ups all around the world, using fuel powered models as well as electricity powered models. There are plenty of competitions and categories to participate in, from paper and wood models that glide, to fuel powered metal models that can reach up to 220 km/h and some even more than 400 km/h.

Drone racing

Not to be confused with the previous one. Drone racing, sponsored by the Drone Racing League, is a thing since 2016, when Las Vegas held the first race, several weeks after Las Vegas race, Miami’s Sun Life Stadium held a circuit that sparkled a new generation, a new sport, a new age. This sport, if we can consider it that way, is the perfect mix between the virtual world and the real one. Racers use virtual reality lenses to control their drones into a circuit where speed and skill are valued alike.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is a very popular sport in which you (aka the pilot) are strapped to a light foot-launch aircraft. With no motor, gliding is the one thing you do, to avoid hitting the ground hard. It’s wind propelled and you are able to steer it with body movements. This sport is particularly sought out by adrenaline junkies, who enjoy having that rush of adrenaline pumping all around their system while exploring the beautiful wonders of nature using their body as the engine that allows them movement.


Kitesurfing is the mix between a water sport and an air activity/sport. This extreme sport of water sliding while air propels the person holding a parachute-like kite, which is attached to said person by leashes and harnesses, so the user can navigate on top of a board the waves or do stunts and tricks that even the bravest dolphin wouldn’t do.

This sport is very popular right now, and can be practiced in almost any beach. Worry not, you don’t need to be “jacked” or even be in perfect shape, the age ranges from six years old to sixty years old, so anybody can try it out.