How to Have The Best Experience When on a Hot Air Balloon


So you finally got enough courage to ride one of these, huh? Well, hold your horses. There are some key things to keep in mind before putting yourself in a basket and getting really, really high up in the air. The experience is magical indeed and really hard to explain, and there’s always the chance you fall in love with hot air balloons and want to repeat the overwhelming joy of the drone-like view with your own eyes. Below you’ll find some simple tips from experienced travelers to enjoy your dream vacations going on a hot air balloon ride with minimal issues.

Early Birds Catch the Worm

You have to be there at the crack of the dawn. All companies schedule their trips very early in the morning to admire the sunrise and also for technical and climatic reasons because this activity depends entirely on mother nature. If it’s not a perfect day, the balloons don’t take off.

Air Sickness Is Not a Thing

Ditch the dizziness pills, when you ride a hot air balloon is not possible to feel sick. The ascension and the travel are very smooth because the balloon doesn’t do cross-resistance with the wind. It glides on it and the waving is minimum reducing any vertigo sensation. If any passenger is nervous or feels a little dizzy, is recommended to look at the horizon for a few minutes and the discomfort goes away.

Dress for the Occasion

This may sound trivial but you have to keep in mind the elements. If the ride is a bit long or the altitude is considerable, wearing comfortable clothes in layers could help juggle with the sudden changes of the wind. Remember down on the ground the day seems to be hot but up in the air, it could be a little different. A hot air balloon could reach 1000 meters and the temperatures up there could drop a couple of degrees every 300 meters over, so bring a jacket and don’t forget your sunglasses.

Too Old or Too Young?

Air ballooning is extremely safe, like any sport there’s a certain risk regardless of the experience of the pilot or the precautions taken but generally, it’s an activity recommended for people of all ages because it does not represent a big physical effort for the elders and is kid-friendly as well. Even people with reduced mobility can enjoy the ride in a proper basket.

Powder Your Nose Before Leaving The Ground

A hot air balloon ride lasts at the bare minimum 45 minutes and it can go on for a few hours. The smart thing to do is to make sure you take care of any needs before to put a foot on the basket. A quick visit to the restrooms, a cigarette for the nerves, a snack… Make sure to be ready to enjoy 100% of the experience, around ten people are allowed on the balloon basket and the travel is standing, if you have any special needs make sure to let the pilot know.

Leave Your Bags in the Car

The baskets are shared, so the passengers have some space to move without bothering others, but it is not recommended to go up with luggage because the weight is an important factor and nobody wants to be stumbling with bags at 1000 feet off the ground.

Don’t Forget the Camera

The experience of being hundreds of meters above the ground is unique and everyone wants to immortalize the moment and the awesome view, but is important to follow the advice of the pilot and respect the safety rules the entire time. Hot air balloons are aircraft and play under the standard rules of civil aviation, pay attention to your guide and enjoy the ride!