How to Keep it Safe While You’re Skydiving?


Jumping out of plane at 5.000 meters from the ground sounds fun, exciting and all of that, right? What wouldn’t be any fun at all is ending up splattered on the ground. That’s why following safety advices is crucial to having the time of your life rather than having a Lifetime movie made out of your life. Read up on these serious tips we have for you.

Gear up!

One of the most important ways to be safe while skydiving is to check your gear.  You can manually make sure every single piece of equipment is properly locked, chutes folded correctly and zippers working, be sure to check your altimeter is in order, so you don’t open your parachute too early or too late! (yikes!). Check your gear every time you are embarking and before jumping. Enter the plane fully equipped and ready to jump. Respect group distance and always check your jump point and stick to it, if problems arise, communicate with your coach or instructor.


Plan your jump, and then act accordingly. Following this motto will minimize unexpected things happening. When your falling down at 250 kilometers per hour is not very funny to run into unplanned things, you have but seconds to react to unexpected things. You want to prevent as many accidents as possibles.

Know Your Way Around

Becoming acquitanced with all the possible emergency scenarios (on the plane, on the way out, during the free fall, during the chute’s opening and after landing). Learn those by heart, practice them a lot, so you can be prepared. A monthly checkup of all emergency procedures is a good idea, use the help of a coach or instructor if you have any doubts; after all, they’re going to be there with you.

Weather Channel

The weather channel, or a substitute App on your smartphone, can be one of your best pals, if the weather isn’t convenient enough, don’t jump and stay grounded. Of course, pilots will ask weather confirmation with their control towers, but you can help too.


Do your navigation and landing thoughtfully, always on the lookout for problems. Follow the traffic pattern always as it was previously established by the dropzone personnel. Look around, up and down, and in all directions to avoid collisions that may result in serious injuries.

Difficulty Settings

Always exercise extreme caution, from the start, do the jumps with a difficulty setting within your expertise and capacitation range. Respect your own limitations and safety regulations. Worry not, you’ll be able to perform all jumps on time, with practice and hard work, anything will be possible for you!

More than just tips, these advices are made so you internalize them and adapt them to your core thinking process, but ultimately the best way to avoid accidents while skydiving is to practice. Jump as much as you can, and as often as possible so your muscle memory adapts and you become better, and the better you get, the less probabilities of an accident you’ll have.