Piloting: An Expensive Hobby or an Attractive Career Prospect


Conquering the skies has become an attractive hobbie for the weekends to many people. The dream of crossing the sky has been an obsession for mankind since the beginning of history. Many myths, legends, and traditional tales are inspired by this idea. Nowadays, flying is a routine procedure to millions of people, approximately 11.000 plains are on the air every minute and flying people like superheroes as Superman or Ironman play an important role in our imagination as a society. So, in other words flying is a big deal.

Building a professional career as pilot is the dream for many young people, and the job market for private aviation is growing, so increasing flight hours and getting experience is pretty easy for a freshly graduate private pilot. This is the first step on the way to becoming an licenced airline pilot.

To many flight instructors, this rising interest is a good thing, the aeronautics are constantly evolving and airlines are expanding routes, including new destinations, reaching new markets and they need fresh talent. So now the aero clubs that in the past focused their energies on sport licences, are now allowing tons of commercial pilots to graduate on a monthly basis.

Also there’s a increasing number of people learning to fly as a way to have relaxing and pleasant experiences, many of them just enjoy flying, controling the plane and seeing the Earth from above, others love the adrenaline of the acrobatic flying and describe sport piloting as riding a rollercoaster while you’re driving it.

Many people out there are resorting to piloting lessons as a way to leave behind all their terrestrial problems  and enjoy new experiences. The last years the number of applicants for flight academies have been growing exponentially, but not all of them wanted it as a professional career, a large number wanted to be “weekend pilots” and the market responds to the trend.

For many of them the most attractive thing about flying a plane is the feeling of control, described as a healthy way to escape the daily worries for many high level professionals. Every flight is unique, the weather and the landscapes add some variability to this activity that men a women enjoy, and the good thing is that the requirements are minimal, you just need an approval certificate of high school and to pass a psychotechnical exam.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what your goals are here, just learning something new for fun or turning this on your way to live, you need to complete the standard curriculum that takes 4 to 6 weeks, or several months if you want a commercial licence. Also, any course includes a theoretical part that covers themes like: meteorology, aerodynamics, engines, instruments and flight regulations, the practical part consist on complete a number of flight hours (+40 with an instructor and at least 10 solo), and you’re also required to approve an oral and written evaluation.

This is pretty basic guidelines to introduce you in the interesting world of piloting, check online for aereo clubs and piloting schools near you, also to get prepared think of purchasing a good online flight simulators.