Purchasing Your Gear for A Safe and Fun Skydiving Experience


Picking up that first skydiving sport gear gives an avid skydiver that ‘Christmas morning’ feeling. Buying brand new equipment is much better when you compare it to the rentals you were stuck up as a novice skydiver. Choosing a skydiving container fitted with an AAD or Automatic Activation Device, reserve parachute, main parachute, helmet, and altimeter, should be your aim. However, using a rental jumpsuit is best until you are a serious skydiver who goes out into the sky regularly.

Maintain Focus

The skydiving gear is required to survive your jumps. However, the most critical part is to focus on your dive. Performing your first skydive jump will put a million thoughts forward and it the rush never really decreases without intentional focus. Remaining focused on only one thought to get an excellent arched position while exiting the plane is very important. On approaching the door, all your thoughts should be homed in on just exiting correctly and thereby enjoying a perfect skydive experience. Once you have your focus trained, you might want to decide if skydiving is your go-to passion. Subsequently, you will be able to decide what equipment is best for your safety as well as a great experience.

Buying the Right Gear

Every skydiver decides to purchase top of the line equipment to enjoy this expensive sport both safely and passionately. Remember to choose your equipment based on the regularity that you will be indulging in the sport. If you plan going skydiving once or twice a year, it is not worth investing in buying your own gear. You can certainly think of buying or investing in your equipment if you wish to see yourself as a professional skydiver in a short time, maybe even in a few months. Having appropriate gear is essential if you want to perfect your technique, and having the equipment that you are comfortable with, can further your training.

Investing in New Gear or Considering a Used Gear

If you wish to save money, you can consider used gear, but remember you have to get familiar with the equipment whether it is new or second-hand. Used gear means adjusting each time.

G Choosing used gear is the right choice if you are new to skydiving and have no plans of raking up over 100 jumps in the coming years. Most often, used gear is excellent in quality and is thoroughly checked for flaws before going on sale. So, you might just get a great dealout of it.

Skydiving Gear

  • Headgear: Wearing a helmet is for convenience and safety. If there is an occasion where you have to make a rough landing, it protects you from injury and fatality. Beginners also feel extra warmth when wearing helmets on chillier days. Sporting goggles with a helmet is also a good option. New helmets come with camera mounts and communication devices, suitable for pros.
  • Body Gear: Beginners are good to skydive in ordinary clothes with the jumpsuit rented from the skydiving company. The ride is for a few minutes only, and you don’t need to worry about anything specialised. Yet, it is best to avoid loose-fitting garments. Wearing jumpsuits is best in winters and jeans or shorts and a tee-shirt is fine in summer.
  • Footgear: The best is sneakers. Even flat and comfortable shoes are suitable, but no sandals or boots. Wearing some comfortable socks is also important to keep you warm in the sky.