The Best Places for Parachuting Around the World


Yeah, parachuting is not all about the adrenaline, it’s also about the view. So check these astonishing places that need to be on your bucket list to go for the jump of your life. Whether you’re a seasoned skydiver or a rookie who wants to try new exciting things, check the exotic destinations on this post and enjoy the magical experience of flying on these blessed by nature places.


Going down under? Some tourist agencies in Queensland, Cairns or Mission Beach offer the ultimate diving experience: Skydiving + scuba diving. Crazy and dangerous as it sounds, this trip is for passionate masters on both disciplines, there you can jump with the parachute while wearing a wetsuit and all the scuba gear and go from flying among the seagulls to chasing sharks in a matter of minutes. Also, you can marvel your eyes with the Big Coral Barrier from two privilege angles, simply spectacular!


Another exotic land to visit at least once in a lifetime. First of all, the African landscape is, in fact, impressive, but what do you think about seeing the world famous Victoria Falls very, very close? You can find drop zones near the waterfall; also, you can enjoy a wildlife safari tour or go for a refreshing  dip on the Devil’s swimming pool.


Rio de Janeiro city is more than beautiful beaches and samba dancing. The astonishing view of this colorful South American city surrounded by the Amazonas rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean is a pleasant experience, but if all this adrenaline is not enough for you and you’re looking for stronger emotions, it’s possible to perform a base jump from the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer located at the top of Mount Corcovado, crowning the city at 700+ meters.


In order to live an over the top experience, there’s the skydiving from Mount Everest. This pricy adventure is worth every penny, throw your bones from the highest place on the planet and survive to tell it could be for sure the biggest thing that any human being could do on the name of adventure. It’s so exclusive that there’s only four trips per year and the people interested should book the trip six months in advance.


If you’re into urban landscapes, this is the perfect destination for you. The city of Dubai, crib of the most incredible architectural works on planet Earth is a beautiful sample of what human hands can do to adapt their surroundings. In the jump you can enjoy of the view of the  Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers, the impressive Dubai seashore with the artificial islands and back on the ground there are rides to the desert and a very active nightlife in the city.

New Zealand

One of the favorite destinations for adrenaline junkies, there you can find all kind of extreme adventures on sky, sea or earth. The diversity of the landscape there will leave you speechless, you can find glaciers, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and all kind of unexplored land.  Taupo and Fox Glaciers are the favorite destinations to jump. Definitely New Zealand is one of the places to put in the bucket list.