The World’s Best Hot Air Balloon Rides

When traveling abroad, you may be looking for some super fun excursions to try out. It can be tempting to stay inside your hotel room and order room service while watching local TV and playing free slots from your smartphone, however, when traveling you want to get out and explore. There’s no better way to explore the area you’re visiting than by getting a bird’s eye view of everything. Taking a hot air balloon ride will do just that. You’ll get a memorable experience while sight-seeing from way up high. You can soar over huge buildings, acres of land, and even bodies of water. There’s so much to see and experience when way up in the air, and there are so many places that offer amazing rides. Here are some of the world’s best hot air balloon rides.

Cappadocia, Turkey

One of the most popular and exciting places for hot air balloon rides is Cappadocia, Turkey. Gliding over Cappadocia’s chimney rock formations is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The views of the cone-like formations are gorgeous from the ground, but when you’re way up there in the balloons, it’s truly magical. There are many ballooning companies that do hot air balloon tours that usually last between 45 minutes and two hours. There are many tour options, depending on your budget and how long you want to ride. Group rides are less expensive, but keep in mind that those rides don’t last as long. You can always opt for a private tour so that you can enjoy Cappadocia’s scenery just the way you please.

Hot air balloons flying in Turkey

Hot air balloons flying in Turkey

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico is well known for its Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. During this festival, Albuquerque becomes the epicenter of the hot air ballooning world for nine whole days. Each year in October, the festival features hot air balloon races, mass ascents, as well as balloon competitions and more. It’s the largest hot air balloon race and festival in the world. If you don’t get to visit Albuquerque in October for the festival, don’t worry, as there are many companies that offer hot air balloon rides all throughout the year. You get to glide over the mountain-meets-high-desert landscape and experience the warm weather from way up high.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is a famous ski destination for many. However, in the summer, it makes for one of the best destinations for hot air ballooning. There are many companies that cater to giving you an experience like no other up in the sky. You can glide up and over Kamas Valley, taking in the breathtaking views, as well as admiring the historic streets of Park City. The buildings become smaller the higher you go. Views of the Wasatch Mountains are also amazing to look at. Weather permitting, you can also book hot air balloon rides in the winter months. It can get a little chilly sometimes, but it’s still a one-of-a-kind experience, as you get to view the snow-covered mountains from super high up. Winter hot air balloon rides are normally less crowded, which can make for a more intimate experience.

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna, Costa Rica has a warm climate and lush landscape. It’s a great destination for taking a hot air balloon ride. It’s a relaxing and exciting way to tour the beautiful landscape and dense rainforests filled with birds and animals. With a hot air balloon tour, you’ll be able to see all of the life above the canopy of the forest without taking a canopy tour. Sometimes, the balloons can get so close to the treetops in the forest that tourists can see monkeys climbing trees. Other balloons can fly low enough to brush the waters of the rivers. Balloon tours in Costa Rica typically start at dawn due to climate restrictions, which allows tourists to get picturesque views of the sunrise from way up in the air.

Man standing in basket of hot air balloon

Man standing in basket of hot air balloon

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt is known for its ancient temples, the Nile River, and tombs at the Valley of the Kings. Experience all of this from high up in the skies on a wonderful balloon tour. There are plenty of ballooning companies that offer you a chance to see the tombs and temples from up above. Hot air balloon tours typically depart in the early morning, and the direction and length of each tour heavily depends on the weather and winds that particular day. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the historic town of Luxor is an experience you’re not likely to forget. Viewing the Statue of Thebes in such a unique way really makes you appreciate all of the beauty that Luxor has to offer. One of the exciting things about hot air ballooning in Luxor is you always know where you will take off, but you never know where you’ll land.